DIN is normally used in hi-fi terms to describe the rated power output and is normally given with an impedance rating in ohms of the load put on to the amp when testing.
DIN is measured at one frequency (normally 1kHz) being put through an amplifier and giving it's maximum recommended output level.
Because it's only a measurement at one frequency it doesn't give a fair representation of how the amplifier will perform in the real world (After all music contains a wide variety of frequency ranges, from low frequency drums to high frequency symbols)
Manufacturers often use this to make their amplifiers or systems look more powerful than competitor's products using fairer methods such as RMS

Other ratings used by manufacturers are PMPO and RMS, RMS is always the preferred rating (Though often looks lower)

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ЖК-дисплей, жидкокристаллический дисплей

ЖК-дисплей, жидкокристаллический дисплей

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